Jane from Dear Author tweeted about a tin of 22 temporary Jane Austen tattoos, so I went to take a look. They looked pretty darn awesome to me! I’m told the tattoos have sold out, so they’re currently in short supply. Bummer, huh?

Here’s a picture of the tattoos that come in the tin:

The back of a tin of 22 Jane Austen temporary tattoos

Jane Austen Tattoos

“Imprudent” is my favorite. I am tempted to get that word as a real tattoo.

Perhaps you’re wondering why that’s such an amateurish photo. Well, because I took it with my phone and I’m only willing to work so hard on this sort of thing. Perhaps you are also wondering, if the tattoos sold out, HOW did Carolyn get a picture of the back of one of the tins?

Both good questions.

Answer: I bought 5 of them. So I guess it’s at least partly my fault they’re in short supply.

About now you may be asking, What’s she gonna do with 5 tins of Jane Austen temporary tattoos! (Besides put “imprudent” in 5 risky places and then dance around gloating.)

ANOTHER good question.

I’m giving one of them away here. Yes, that’s right. One lucky Risky reader will get a tin of 22 Jane Austen temporary tattoos. Because I am awesome that way. I’m giving another away at my blog, and one at my facebook page. I’ll do another giveaway on twitter, too.

Rules and other Stuff You Should Know

Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 to enter. Winner selected at random from among qualified entrants. You have to enter before or at the deadline. No one related to me or employed by me is eligible to win. The deadline is 11:59:59 PM EST Monday December 2, 2013. (EST because that’s the time zone of this blog.) All prizes will be awarded.

How to Enter

In the comments to this post, complete the following question:

Jane Austen would approve of:

Like this: Jane Austen would approve of: grilled cheese sandwiches.

There you go.

Enter! Winner announced next Wednesday.