Last Wednesday I was walking along minding my own business when I was sucked into another dimension. I fought space pirates and dodged comets and turned down a marriage proposal from a Rare Metals smuggler. He was tots into me and–


You don’t think that happened?

Maybe not. But it’s better than the day job being an absolute nightmare.

Here is a picture of a leaf. Photo: Yours Truly

Did my picture distract you? Oh, well.

So, anyway, I have also been working hard at My Immortals Book 5.

I’m pretty sure I have a title, and over at my blog you can vote for your favorite. I’ve also posted my in progress Chapter 1, which you can also read at my website. What you’ll read if you click depends on whether I have updated the page with the massive update in my current paper copy. Last update was 12/1. I have more changes to make.

Oddly, I kind of like posting the in-progress chapter 1, even though it’s, well, in progress.

At the moment, I have very little for you but for my photo of a yellow leaf. But next week — Big things coming to the Riskies next week. I will have things to say.

OK. Just for you, I made the picture bigger. Because you are special.