Just for fun and procrastination I googled ten basic plots and came up with some weird weird stuff as you might expect. So I thought I’d come up with my own. Please feel free to add your own:

  • Hero[ine] leaves home and becomes involved with 50′ high pink rabbit cult.
  • 50′ pink rabbit arrives in town.
  • H/H want each other but physical object such as 50′ pink rabbit prevent their union.
  • H/H both want the 50′  pink rabbit, possessed of title and immeasurable wealth, but not each other.
  • The 50′ pink rabbit runs a spy ring and recruits H/H who become fierce competitors.
  • The 50′ pink rabbit writes a book called A Lot of Shades of Pink that becomes an immediate bestseller despite a rabbit’s typically incompetent grasp of grammar or basic math.
  • The 50′ pink rabbit receives movie deals and product endorsements and H/H plot its downfall.
  • The 50′ pink rabbit inherits a charming but run down B&B in a small town and hires H/H’s respective remodeling/interior design companies (note: excellent for Hero/Hero books)
  • H/H start new job as assistant to the 50′ Billionaire Pink Rabbit who mercilessly sexually harasses them and chews through their power cords.
  • 50′ pink rabbit invites H/H to secret club where he/she/they are forced to wear rabbit costumes and eat carrots.
  • Renegade government agents H/H capture 50′ pink rabbit that is a threat to national security.
  • H/H rescue 50′ pink rabbit imprisoned by Pentagon for secret testing.
  • The 50′ pink rabbit secretly gives birth to a litter of 10 blind 6′ babies.

More, please!