First off, we’re all pretending that in the Regency I am Lady Carolyn Jewel. A bit of a bluestocking who sometimes (allright, often) speaks before sufficient thought. Also that the Duke of Hunkdom is secretly in love with me yet valiantly battling his emotions on account of his broken heart from three years ago. He looks like this:

The Duke of Hunkdom

Also in love with me is the Crown Prince of SomeCountryOrOtheria. He too, is battling his emotions on account of he hates his father but loves me.  The Prince looks like this (only more formal in public. In this picture he is thinking of Lady Carolyn, which I hope is obvious to everyone):

The Prince Loves Lady Carolyn

Right. So 21st century Carolyn got up at 4:15am, went to the gym, notebooked revisions, went to work and did NOT get a lunch break, picked up son from school, took him to math, dropped son at home, left immediately for a city 13 miles north through horrific traffic, arrived at a bookstore listened to some writers read, read something herself, yakked about some stuff, drove home and is now blogging. I have revisions to do but I am brain dead.

And now for something completely different.

Maybe you guys already know about this site, but I didn’t: Regency England.  Good stuff there.

Question for you to answer

Who are you in Regency England? 

Or, alternatively, who wins Lady Carolyn’s heart and does anyone buy her chocolate?