I am on a wicked, wicked deadline that might just actually kill me. So today, you-all get this:

WordNik Oh my good gosh how I LOVE this site. Do a search for signify which is a lovely Regency-era word. It’s become my go to place for looking up words and doing, uh, research. Yeah! That’s it. Research.

They have charts! Charts about words. <3 <3 <3 You'll notice that in 1807 this word was used a lot and then blam. Not much at all until, perhaps not so mysteriously, about 1985 it looks like, things really took off. That would be about the time Literary Theorists like Derrida, Barthes and more began talking about signifiers.

Middle English signifien, from Old French signifier, from Latin significāre : signum, sign; see sign + -ficāre, -fy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m practically swooning.

Plus, quick! Everyone go tweet the word signify, then all the Riskies and their readers will show up on WordNik!

Now go look up reticule. Well, did you notice the chart?

Did you notice you can comment? Seriously. You leave comments on the words, and some of the comments are AWESOME!

Go play.