Dear Risky friends,

I’ve been on this blog since its very beginnings, way back in 2005 (I think) when Megan Frampton and I met up at a conference and decided that since we were both about to publish books that had sex in them (Fact: there was no sex in the Regency then unless it involved turgid members and hymens made of kryptonite) we needed a filth platform. And so the Riskies came into existence.

And now I’m going! Sure, I’ll always like the Regency period, particularly the servants and the clothes and the music. Not so much the Dukes and that’s why I’m no longer attempting to crack the Romance code. It’s been fun, and thank you to all of you who’ve visited, commented, bought our books, and entered our contests.

For old times’ sake, here are a few of my greatest hits in no particular order:

A funny. The Regencyland Hotline.

England’s first same-sex marriage in 1834. The documentary about Anne Lister is probably no longer available online but it’s worth hunting down. It’s narrated by Sue Perkins, one of the former hosts of the Great British Bake Off *(don’t know about the show’s crisis? Read all about it! and Mary left too).

All about Capability Brown, landscaper extraordinaire.

Rewriting the classics as Regency Romances.

A truly risky writer–George Eliot. Also why Daniel Deronda is like Thanksgiving turkey, because for a long time I blogged on Thursdays and had to come up with a turkey-related post.

Truly risky books–thoughts on Our Mutual Friend and Mansfield Park.