Last week I was at the RWA National conference in San Antonio. I can reliably report that it is too hot in San Antonio for this California girl. I was all about the AC.

[Watch me appear to change the subject and then not really — CAUTION!! Advanced Blogging technique!]

In this year’s Brenda Novak Diabetes auction, I bid on and won a very lovely scarf. Here is a picture of it:

a cream, silver and light plum scarf with a floral pattern


I was in the elevator at RWA with my spiffy red hair and my beautiful scarf, and a gentleman who looked a little bit hipsterish was in the elevator with me. We said nothing. As he got off on his floor he said, “Love the red hair and the Pashmina.”

Pashmina? Then I remembered that my scarf is, indeed, Pashmina, which I had not understood until that very moment, was something quite so recognizable.

You guys. It is one hell of a moment when the woman who wore jeans and Keds for the ENTIRE CONFERENCE manages to impress a hipster with her fashion “sense.” Admittedly, my jeans were black, as were my Keds. I’m pretty sure I was wearing socks.

This is living proof that the right accessories make all the difference.

Just think what a Regency heroine could do with a cashmere scarf. Why, she could impress a hipster duke.