I’m on a Jane Austen email loop, and a few weeks ago someone posted this great JA quiz from BBC Mastermind. Since I know many Regency fans are also Janeites like myself, I thought this might be a fun way to celebrate Friday! I’ll post answers in a couple of days. (Note: I’m a dedicated Janeite, and couldn’t answer all of them)
1) Which is JA’s heroine’s had lived in the world for 21 years with little to distress or vex her?

2) Name Mr. Rushworth’s country house.

3) Which card game did Mrs. Jennings arrange for old friends while Marianne awaited word from Willoughby.

4) What was the maiden name of Mrs. Norris, Mrs. Price, and Lady Bertram?

5) Which bone did little Charles dislocate allowing Anne to avoid meeting Captain Wentworth?

6) Which manufacturer made the mysterious piano sent to Jane Fairfax?

7) What was the name of Col. Brandon’s ward over whose seduction he fought a duel with Willoughby?

8) Which of JA”s heroine’s prefers cricket to books, particularly books of information?

9) Which play does Tom Bertram 5 times propose to put on before agreeing to Lover’s Vows?

10) Which material does Mr. Tilney claim to be an authority on?

11) What does Edward Ferrars say he takes more pleasure in than a watchtower?

12) To what does Sir Walter Elliot attribute Anne’s improved compexion, claiming it has done away with Mrs. Clay’s freckles?

13) At the Box Hill picnic, which 2 letters of the alphabet did Mr. Weston claim were the most perfect?

14) In which town did Mrs. Bennet’s sister Mrs. Phillips live?

15) In which frigate, captained by Frederick Wentworth, had Richard Musgrove served?

16) In what capacity did Wickham’s father serve old Mr. Darcy?

As my own bonus question–which JA heroine do you think you most resemble? (A long time ago, I took a quiz on this topic, too. It was lots of fun, but alas now I can’t find it! The quiz said I’m most like Marianne Dashwood. So watch out if I take it into my head to give a dramatic reading at the Beau Monde soiree next summer!)