Carolyn here, filling in for Risky Megan. And since Megan starts with M what else can I do but declare this Meme Friday.

Answer or complete the following questions in comments, or at your blog and leave a link to your blog in a comment:

1. When I think of Mr. Darcy, he _____________.

2. Lord Masterful greets YOU at a ball. You look down to see what he’s staring at and discover ________________________.

3. One of my favorite Regency-set novels is ___________.

4. If you could meet Lord Byron, what would you ask him?

5. You wake up and find yourself in a Regency historical novel. What’s the plot?

6. A Regency fairy-godmother grants you three Regency wishes. What are they?

7. If you could change ONE fact about the Regency what would it be?

8. Napoleon writes you a letter. What does he say?

9. How many exquisite slippers are in your wardrobe?

10. How do you take your tea?

I will come back later and add my answers…

Go. Perhaps there will be a prize for a commenter. Yes, I think so!