Some of you may know about Amazon’s new Matchbook program. Alas, it’s not my idea of a flash-of-fire gif when I delete a book I HATED off my Kindle. I still think that would be awesome and I hope someone gets on that soon. The Matchbook program allows a publisher to offer the digital version of a book for free or for a discounted amount to people who bought the print version (new) from Amazon. Used book purchases don’t count. The publisher decides whether to participate and what discount to offer, including free.

As a reader, I’m excited because, damn, I have bought a lot of books in print and I would be thrilled to get digital versions at a discount.

As a writer, I’m also excited because, see above. I hope there are lots of people out there who will decide to get my books. If someone ponies up for the Create Space print version of one of my self-pubbed books (it’s not possible to price those even at MMPB prices…) I’m happy to offer a discount for the digital version.

I’ve heard some people wondering why anyone would want the digital version if they have the print version.

I’ve heard some people in a panic over anyone getting the digital version for less for any reason.

So, whether you’re wearing your author hat or your reader hat or both, what do you think of this program? Why would you participate, or why not?