Reading News

The Good News is that my Regency Historical short story, Moonlight, is now available for your reading pleasure. If you read it at my website, you can see the lovely artwork. You can also download it as a pdf. I’ve released it under a Creative Commons license, details at my website.

Read at my website

Download the PDF

Since our last Regency Read Along, I have read more books by Georgette Heyer;

  1. The Talisman Ring
  2. Sylvester
  3. Frederica
  4. The Grand Sophy

They were all very good to very very very good. One of them was not my favorite. If one of you were to force me to reveal my favorite I would confess that it’s Frederica. Just saying. I believe another of the Riskies was going to lead a read along, that that I’m hinting at anything at all . . . **cough**AmandaMcCabe**cough** Everyone who’s interested in another read along should email Amanda and ask her what the heck is up.

Yesterday, I received copies of my historical Scandal in Italian. The cover is very pretty and I believe the title is something along the lines of The Rake Gets Married only in swoony Italian.

Plots Afoot

Here’s a question for everyone to answer in the comments:

What are your favorite historical romance plots?

I need to know on account of I’m about to start writing The Next Historical.