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There are a lot of Regency plots out there. Some I love, some not so much. What do YOU think? I’ve listed a few. Let me know how much you like the plot!

For the purposes of answering, assume the book is well written and you find the blurb interesting. I totally get that a great author can rock any of these plots. What other plots do you love, love to hate, or hate like poison? Tell me in the comments.

Marriage of Convenience

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Forced Marriage

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Virgin Widow

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Innocent But Fiesty Heroine

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The Betrayed Hero (aka I'll never trust again)

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In my mess-in-progress, the hero is a gentleman by birth and by virtue of having been an army officer, but he takes up ballooning as a business, not just a hobby. I haven’t found any historical examples of anyone like him, but I have come up with what I hope is a decent explanation for why he takes up flying.

A lot of stories might not see the light of day if the authors worried too much about plausibility. Chicks-in-pants is one of those plot themes. Although there are some historical examples of women who pulled off pretending to be men… And it worked for Shakespeare, so why not?


One of my other more unlikely plots was in The Redwyck Charm, which I recently re-released in paperback. The heroine tries to escape an arranged marriage by masquerading as an opera-dancer. Silly, yes, but it was fun to write and is a favorite with my readers who say they like lighter stories. The idea came to me when I read this passage in The Mirror of Graces (an etiquette book of sorts published in 1811):

Extraordinary as it may seem, at a period when dancing is so entirely neglected by men in general, women appear to be taking the most pains to acquire the art. Our female youth are now not satisfied with what used to be considered a good dancing-master; that is, one who made teaching his sole profession; but now our girls must be taught by the leading dancers at the Opera-house.


I found it interesting that young ladies might have learned some elements of ballet. The author goes on to say that no gentlewoman could take the time and effort to develop true proficiency. Though I tend to agree, I don’t pretend that my heroine is more than a half-way decent amateur, getting by more because she’s a big hit with the young bucks who go to the opera to ogle the dancers.

greenroomHow do you feel about far-fetched plots? Any favorite examples that worked (or didn’t)?

I’ll give away one copy of The Redwyck Charm to a random commenter.  Comment by next Thursday (2/14) and I will announce the winner on Friday.




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Reading News

The Good News is that my Regency Historical short story, Moonlight, is now available for your reading pleasure. If you read it at my website, you can see the lovely artwork. You can also download it as a pdf. I’ve released it under a Creative Commons license, details at my website.

Read at my website

Download the PDF

Since our last Regency Read Along, I have read more books by Georgette Heyer;

  1. The Talisman Ring
  2. Sylvester
  3. Frederica
  4. The Grand Sophy

They were all very good to very very very good. One of them was not my favorite. If one of you were to force me to reveal my favorite I would confess that it’s Frederica. Just saying. I believe another of the Riskies was going to lead a read along, that that I’m hinting at anything at all . . . **cough**AmandaMcCabe**cough** Everyone who’s interested in another read along should email Amanda and ask her what the heck is up.

Yesterday, I received copies of my historical Scandal in Italian. The cover is very pretty and I believe the title is something along the lines of The Rake Gets Married only in swoony Italian.

Plots Afoot

Here’s a question for everyone to answer in the comments:

What are your favorite historical romance plots?

I need to know on account of I’m about to start writing The Next Historical.

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