Good morning! Or whatever time it is when you read this.

Currently, all of the Riskies except Elena are in Orlando, FL, at the Romance Writers of America’s annual conference. And last night, two of us–Carolyn and me–had a Donut Party in our room, which wound up sometime around 2:00am.

Needless to say, I am a wee bit tired.

But here is what I know after a few days at Conference:

Carolyn Jewel has an excellent eye for judging what accessories I should wear with my conference outfits.

–there is a man who lives in New York with the Largest Appendage who cannot find a woman to love him (his name is Jonah Falcon; google him, if you must. NSFW).

–it costs a lot of money to take a taxi in Florida.

–Air conditioning is usually too cold for me, unless I am sharing a room with people who want it warm. In which case I am suddenly too warm. Apparently I am a contrary jerk.

–I think I need more than five hours’ sleep.

–There are many, many supportive people who belong to RWA, and I am honored to count some of them as my friends.

Amanda McCabe, aka Laurel McKee, has the Cutest Gowns Ever. She is taking me as her date to the RITA Awards (she is nominated) and her RITA gown is just gloriously delicious.

–I am still a) opposed to strapless pantsuits and b) the most gullible person ever.

–And I am really stoked to write when I return to Brooklyn. Yay! Just for that, RWA is a worthwhile endeavor.

Hope your summer is going well, see you next week!