I’m on my way home from RWA Orlando, still on the road with my friend Julie. The conference was a delight, even if I never had even a peek of Disney World! Of course, we was robbed in the RITAs. Amanda and Carolyn did not win this time. They will be finalists again, though, mark my words.

Wednesday night’s Literacy Booksigning and the Soiree, the Beau Monde (Regency) Chapter party, seem a long time ago, but I did promise some photos.

This is Aztec Lady! I was so happy to see azteclady in person at the booksigning to thank her for commenting on Risky Regencies. You frequent commenters are like family!

At the Soiree, from left to right: Louisa Cornell (frequent commenter), Amanda, Megan, Keira (frequent commenter) and welcome guest author, Cara Elliot

Me (Diane) and Louisa

Regency dancing. They were just getting started. Janet dragged me onto the dance floor where I made an absolute cake of myself.

Janet and Amanda striking a pose.

Keira and Kris Alice Hohls, the editor of the German Romance magazine, Love Letters. Doesn’t Keira look lovely in her Regency dress and bonnet?

The Mills and Boon (UK branch of Harlquin Enterprises) editors attended the Soiree. From left to right, Amanda, Linda Fildew (senior editor of Harlequin Historicals and Mills and Boon Historicals), Kim Young (editorial manager for M&B series and Mira), and Jenny Hutton (editor for Modern Romance)

Here it is Saturday night right before the Awards Ceremony.
Amanda with the cutest dress ever, frequest guest author Michelle Willingham, and Mills and Boon editor Joanne Grant.

As I was searching my photos for this blog, I realized I do not have even one photo of Carolyn! I have no idea why, except perhaps she really is a vampire like Janet said!

I won’t be commenting much today, because I’ll be on the road or exhausted when I get home, but I’ll be more with it next week. Til then, tell us your favorite part of the RWA conference if you attended, or tell us about your favorite Disney heroine, because I think Amanda looked as if she stepped out of a Disney animation at the Awards ceremony.