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Happy Tuesday, everyone. I am off on vacation this week (the first time I could get away all summer!), and having a great time shopping, eating, swimming, and above all–reading! So this will be a short post–longer next week, I promise…

I’ve been reading Linda Urbach’s new historical novel Madame Bovary’s Daughter, about what happens to poor Bertha Bovary after the death of her parents. It’s a great concept, and I know there have been several novels out lately concerning minor characters from classics (especially Austen novels!). I think I would love to see what happened to Adele from Jane Eyre

What character’s story would you like to read?

I believe I have mentioned that I have a story in the upcoming Mammoth Book of Regency Romance. Since I have the digital rights to this story, I’ve commissioned some artwork to go with the digital version. I’m really excited about this, by the way. The artwork is so good it makes me wish there were Regency set graphic novels. Well guess what?

There are graphic novels of Jane Austen’s books!

And there’s more! I came across this interview with author Nancy Butler in which she talks about the success of the P&P graphic novel as well as the recently released graphic novel of Sense and Sensibility. It’s a very interesting interview although I’m not sure I quite agree with her take on S&S.  Did any of you know about this? I didn’t. I had no idea at all.

I, for one, would love to see some Regency-set graphic stories. But I’m wondering if they should be adaptations of novels or original stories created for a graphic novel. According to Butler, teens were major buyers of the Austen graphic novel. Well. I find that very interesting.

Don’t you?

What do you, personally, thing about Regency-set graphic novels? Would you read them? What if they were original stories and not adaptations?

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our Read Along Poll!

Venetia is by far the popular winner with 9 of 40 votes. There is not, however, a Kindle version. Sourcebooks doesn’t seem to have released this book at all (yet) so there’s no digital version available from them either. Paper copies can be purchased just about anywhere and there are library copies available as well.

The next two vote getters are Cotillion and Regency Buck with 5 votes each. There are Kindle versions of each of these as well as Adobe eReader versions available from Sourcebooks.

Google Books has several copies, but none are available for viewing so we’re out of luck there.

There are paper versions available for all these titles.

The Riskies will discuss amongst ourselves, considering any feedback you may care to leave, so please do so in the comments.

I’ll start the comments off by saying it seems a shame not to read the runaway vote getter, even though I totally understand wanting to read it digitally and would probably prefer to do so myself.

Hmm. What an interesting development, though. I think even a year ago we would not be discussing whether the lack of a (legal) digital copy mattered to a reading decision. The issue would have been whether there were sufficient copies available used or via a library, since this is an out of print title.

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