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Pondering Primary Sources, and Spring Cleaning!

How many of you researchers love primary sources? Is anyone’s hand NOT raised? One of the things I love best about researching is that moment when you stumble across some telling tiny detail that just resonates…. Diaries, letters, and other … Continue reading

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Playing in the Past

Historical fiction addicts –er, fans –like us love being swept back in time to the period of whatever story we are reading (or writing). At this blog, we focus on the English Regency primarily, but not exclusively. Sandy’s writing a … Continue reading

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Lighting the Regency Night (Things We Take for Granted)

   This ice-encased lamp by my front door started me on this trip down the rabbit hole, which has nothing (so far) to do with any of my current writing projects. The two-inch-thick ice gave the light shining bravely through … Continue reading

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Mourning Becomes Her: Regency Mourning Dress & Customs

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has been running a lovely costume exhibit (“Death Becomes Her”, which closes tomorrow) covering mourning fashions roughly 1820-1920. I was invited to see it with a friend who knows how much I … Continue reading

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